Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On a warm day WebmavenNJ has Wool Mountain on her mind

I do not know this artist personally but I love her passion for FIBER and excitement for color and freeform composition. I just know she is a lot of fun and very creative.

You may know that I have Angora bunnies and have been learning to spin on my drop spindle and spinning wheel. Wool Mountain's items look like what fun fiber and warm, cuddly hats should look like. You just want to touch them and wear them. Give one for a gift. I especially like this little bonnet.

Of course, on a day like today, when it's over 70 degrees in the shade, one may not actually be wearing one of these beauties but you should certainly be thinking about owning one or two.

It's this kind of spirit that we would like to see participate either as a vendor or workshop leader in the 1st Annual Bayside Fiber Bash and Crafters Retreat Weekend in May. The freedom to let your creative muse take you mind and hands off to a wonderful flight of fance -- come on, Look at her store. I'll bet you are smiling as you look at these great hats and other items.

One of the special things I tell people when I encourage them to BUY HANDMADE is that you can get just what you want, not what some buyer somewhere thinks you will buy because your choices are limited. Indulge yourself - get something you really wants, that you won't see on someone else next winter and will fit!

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Lori Citsay said...

This is truly amazing...that's what I call totally handmade.

designsbydenise said...

Very unique, the hat is great!

From Nancys Heart said...

I know her shoppe is so terrific! What great color combinations!! :D