Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My North Maine Buck

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Hunting has been even harder in North Maine Woods since 2007 when we had a hard spring that left many deer without food or the ability to move around. Almost 200 hundred inches fell between February and April.

There was still about 18 inches on the ground when we arrived in May that year. We still went to camp in 2008. We've been hunting this area since 2004. George had gotten a big one that year but I hadn't taken a buck in New Jersey let alone Maine.

Well, this year was the year for me. We scouted last May and George scouted in October. We went over our "spots" in November and found a place that looked promising.

The second day I sat there, this beautiful Maine buck came towards me. I took him when he was about 25 yards away with a single shot. He only went another 75 yards before he dropped.

My first buck - 10 points, dressed at 195 pounds. What a thrill.