Friday, August 6, 2010

Bees are working hard

Checked on the hives yesterday and it's a really satisfying feeling when you remove the frames for inspection and their weight is full of honey and larvae. Since my bees arrived in May and we have had such a hot, dry summer, that the original weight of the frames is what I have often felt when I inspected the hives as they bees drew out the comb and the colony continues to grow.

Looking closely at the frames full of future bees at various stages of growth, the beautiful colors of the pollen and the crystal diamond-like shine of the nectar brings me a lot of happiness and satisfaction . . . .almost maternal because after all, they are living creatures like the cats, dogs and bunnies, that I am responsible for.

No honey will be taken from them this year. All their hard work will remain to help them get through their first winter. I think that the location is really a good one for them and hope that the fall and winter will prove true.

My interest continues to grow as I watch the bee "civilization" at work and sometimes, I think, at play.

The last time I inspected the hives, I thought they were more aggressive and unhappy. Yesterday, I delivered their syrup first in the feeder and could almost hear the collective "ahhhh" from the hive as many bees made their way over to that sweet smell that they have come to know in their new home.