Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Selfish Streak continued WebmavenNJ discovers pancakeandlulu

I have been consumed by thinking about the upcoming fiber events: The Crafters' Retreat Weekend and the 1st Annual Bayside Fiber Bash. All I am thinking about is 2 days of weaving and spinning with friends and getting to play with alpacas and angoras. Sounds almost like heaven to me.

This morning I decided to take a short trip through the EtsyNJ websites and see if I could find some more fiber addicts. I discovered pancakeandlulu! Wow. I can almost feel how these fibers would feel against my cheek by looking at them. The beautiful colors leap out of the computer and I want to touch them and spin them.

Of course, if I don't have the patience to wait to spin my own beautiful spun, hand-dyed roving, I could just buy one of her exquisite yarns. A true feast for the eyes.

Also, I could not help but noticing the eco-friendly dyes that are in pancakeandlulu's shop. If I wanted to make sure that I had sufficient amounts of yarn for a project that are consistent in color, this would be a great choice to make.

So you see, each Team Tuesday, I think about my EtsyNJ Team members and how they can help improve the quality of my life! I am so blessed to have so many kind and talented folks that I can depend on for gifts, supplies, workshop leaders, and just plain ole' fun.

Shop local. Support local artists and yes, as AbbieRoad says on her T-shirt, "Save the World."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greco's Woodcrafting has the Webmaven's Attention

I love wood! I absolutely can get as excited about a beautiful piece of wood with nice grain and color as I can some nice fiber or weaving a basket. Recently, I made the decision to give myself a present. I ordered a matching spindle and nostepinne from Greco Woodcrafting. I will get it in a day or so. I wonder if it will look like the one in this photo.

One can almost imagine the smooth feel of the finished wood as well as the weight of the spindle spinning the wool that will be made into a nice pull ball on the nostepinne which eventually will make its way into a special project of some kind.

With the relationship of the shop to Arbor Day Foundation, I would encourage sales so that for every five, a tree will be planted.

So, whether you are looking for a weaving tool that will be in your hands for many years and projects to come or an heirloom toy that will be as much fun for the next generation as it is for the lucky child it is purchased for.

Give yourself a treat for your eyes by checking out his shop and give yourself a real treat by buying a toy or a tool.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nature Dyeing Workshop

Originally uploaded by webmavennj
Well, we finally got together to do some dyeing using nature's materials. What a great workshop. I'm sure that I'll be adding photos to the Flickr album as I receive them from others or download a few more from my new iPhone.

We learned so much and the discussion during the work and play was absolutely the best conversations I know that I've had in a long time. I cam away with a new appreciation of my friends and family. We are definitely not "talkers" but are "doers."

Duffy Barrow, Naturalist at the Lighthouse Center, and I have about 3 more projects on our list that we are looking forward to completing.

We'll keep you posted but, before I start any more projects, I have to put my bee hives together and get them painted. Pictures, as always, will follow.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

IT'S TRUE - The right mug or glass does make things taste better

As some of you may know, I won an online fan contest from Creative Genius in Historic Medford Village. Yesterday, during the time that Abbie had to put up with me, while I waited for my truck to be repaired and before we headed on over to the auction, we went to pick it up.

I love visiting Julie's shop. It's a very special place where you can find the perfect gift for anyone -- even yourself. Artistically and visually, a visit to the store is a real treat and Julie's great personality makes everything an added bonus. {Abbie is one of the artists whose work is available there too!)

Well, I digress. Of course, we chatted about my new mug and how I was not sure about changing mugs this morning. After all, I have been using my Jersey Devil mug by J. Gruber and had to choose between them. Of course, my new happy, pretty mug even holds MORE coffee, always a good thing first thing in the morning. Then, the additional bonus of it made me smile, a pretty large feat at 0545!

Picture this early in the morning, approaching your face with steaming hot, dark, liquid. I am a huge supporter and fan of the Jersey Devil and truly feel that he (or she) is totally misunderstood. I can still hear my friend, Dwain Wilder, asking me at Music By the Bay: "What manner of creature is that upon your mug?" He is from Connecticut and did not know the history of good ole' JD. Thanks to Julie and Teri, I now have a fun, colorful, artsy mug to consider.

I pondered this dilemma before the pot even finished brewing. What to do? What to do? I put them by the window in the dawn's light. Lifted them to feel their weight, their balance in my hand. . . . . this was a momentous occasion. After all, I've used that same mug for over 2 years now. In the light, I knew what I must do.

You might just say the idea developed its own legs! I chose my new mug, filled it with fresh brew and enjoyed my java and the big smile that I got just thinking about the artist, Teri Cody and the imagination that goes into every piece of pottery. I also thought about the relationship of pottery and basketry.

So you see, the correct drinking vessel does help everything seem to fall into place. I hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On a warm day WebmavenNJ has Wool Mountain on her mind

I do not know this artist personally but I love her passion for FIBER and excitement for color and freeform composition. I just know she is a lot of fun and very creative.

You may know that I have Angora bunnies and have been learning to spin on my drop spindle and spinning wheel. Wool Mountain's items look like what fun fiber and warm, cuddly hats should look like. You just want to touch them and wear them. Give one for a gift. I especially like this little bonnet.

Of course, on a day like today, when it's over 70 degrees in the shade, one may not actually be wearing one of these beauties but you should certainly be thinking about owning one or two.

It's this kind of spirit that we would like to see participate either as a vendor or workshop leader in the 1st Annual Bayside Fiber Bash and Crafters Retreat Weekend in May. The freedom to let your creative muse take you mind and hands off to a wonderful flight of fance -- come on, Look at her store. I'll bet you are smiling as you look at these great hats and other items.

One of the special things I tell people when I encourage them to BUY HANDMADE is that you can get just what you want, not what some buyer somewhere thinks you will buy because your choices are limited. Indulge yourself - get something you really wants, that you won't see on someone else next winter and will fit!

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