Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greco's Woodcrafting has the Webmaven's Attention

I love wood! I absolutely can get as excited about a beautiful piece of wood with nice grain and color as I can some nice fiber or weaving a basket. Recently, I made the decision to give myself a present. I ordered a matching spindle and nostepinne from Greco Woodcrafting. I will get it in a day or so. I wonder if it will look like the one in this photo.

One can almost imagine the smooth feel of the finished wood as well as the weight of the spindle spinning the wool that will be made into a nice pull ball on the nostepinne which eventually will make its way into a special project of some kind.

With the relationship of the shop to Arbor Day Foundation, I would encourage sales so that for every five, a tree will be planted.

So, whether you are looking for a weaving tool that will be in your hands for many years and projects to come or an heirloom toy that will be as much fun for the next generation as it is for the lucky child it is purchased for.

Give yourself a treat for your eyes by checking out his shop and give yourself a real treat by buying a toy or a tool.

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