Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Selfish Streak continued WebmavenNJ discovers pancakeandlulu

I have been consumed by thinking about the upcoming fiber events: The Crafters' Retreat Weekend and the 1st Annual Bayside Fiber Bash. All I am thinking about is 2 days of weaving and spinning with friends and getting to play with alpacas and angoras. Sounds almost like heaven to me.

This morning I decided to take a short trip through the EtsyNJ websites and see if I could find some more fiber addicts. I discovered pancakeandlulu! Wow. I can almost feel how these fibers would feel against my cheek by looking at them. The beautiful colors leap out of the computer and I want to touch them and spin them.

Of course, if I don't have the patience to wait to spin my own beautiful spun, hand-dyed roving, I could just buy one of her exquisite yarns. A true feast for the eyes.

Also, I could not help but noticing the eco-friendly dyes that are in pancakeandlulu's shop. If I wanted to make sure that I had sufficient amounts of yarn for a project that are consistent in color, this would be a great choice to make.

So you see, each Team Tuesday, I think about my EtsyNJ Team members and how they can help improve the quality of my life! I am so blessed to have so many kind and talented folks that I can depend on for gifts, supplies, workshop leaders, and just plain ole' fun.

Shop local. Support local artists and yes, as AbbieRoad says on her T-shirt, "Save the World."

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