Thursday, April 8, 2010

IT'S TRUE - The right mug or glass does make things taste better

As some of you may know, I won an online fan contest from Creative Genius in Historic Medford Village. Yesterday, during the time that Abbie had to put up with me, while I waited for my truck to be repaired and before we headed on over to the auction, we went to pick it up.

I love visiting Julie's shop. It's a very special place where you can find the perfect gift for anyone -- even yourself. Artistically and visually, a visit to the store is a real treat and Julie's great personality makes everything an added bonus. {Abbie is one of the artists whose work is available there too!)

Well, I digress. Of course, we chatted about my new mug and how I was not sure about changing mugs this morning. After all, I have been using my Jersey Devil mug by J. Gruber and had to choose between them. Of course, my new happy, pretty mug even holds MORE coffee, always a good thing first thing in the morning. Then, the additional bonus of it made me smile, a pretty large feat at 0545!

Picture this early in the morning, approaching your face with steaming hot, dark, liquid. I am a huge supporter and fan of the Jersey Devil and truly feel that he (or she) is totally misunderstood. I can still hear my friend, Dwain Wilder, asking me at Music By the Bay: "What manner of creature is that upon your mug?" He is from Connecticut and did not know the history of good ole' JD. Thanks to Julie and Teri, I now have a fun, colorful, artsy mug to consider.

I pondered this dilemma before the pot even finished brewing. What to do? What to do? I put them by the window in the dawn's light. Lifted them to feel their weight, their balance in my hand. . . . . this was a momentous occasion. After all, I've used that same mug for over 2 years now. In the light, I knew what I must do.

You might just say the idea developed its own legs! I chose my new mug, filled it with fresh brew and enjoyed my java and the big smile that I got just thinking about the artist, Teri Cody and the imagination that goes into every piece of pottery. I also thought about the relationship of pottery and basketry.

So you see, the correct drinking vessel does help everything seem to fall into place. I hope you all have a great day.


Mary Carty said...

You are so right it is hard to change a pineys ways when her mind is made up. Now I think I will go and clean out my cabinet I have to many mugs. Maybe using a special one every day would brighten the day. Oh wait my little one that comes in the morning brightens my day every day she comes. Right now she is singing a song from Nick-Jr. Believe in Spring and she is good.

WebmavenNJ said...

Mary, I became a fan of using hand-thrown pottery mugs and bowls when you and Rich took me to the Companions of the Cross Feasts. I've been using them ever since. However, I am glad that the fork has been invented for my meals. ha ha ha