Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clear Communicator - Laser Cut

I pride myself on being a clear communicator. What I say is what I mean, nothing hidden, no booby traps for people to fall in and I look for that quality in people around me.

How does this fit in with Team Tuesday? Easy. Ed Maloney and Laser Cut & Engraving. His products go from from the very creative to the simply useful. . . a wide range. All of the products that I have seen help to make communication of ideas and way-finding easier and clear.

Also, ordering is simple and straight forward which is a bonus for people who are busy and/or maybe unable to describe the final product. I appreciate the EtsyNJ folks whose products I can incorporate into both my personal and business life. Laser Cut has become a vendor that I can depend on to be affordable, just want I want, timely and dependable. I'll bet you will find the same thing -- the photo is of numbers on a dormitory door. May not seem like a big deal to some, but if there were ever an emergency and I had to find someone, it would be a huge help to me or any other responder.

All right, I'm making my list of signs that I will need for the summer season here at the Center. It just feels good that I can reach out to Ed and my EtsyNJ friends and get quality products, at affordable prices right here in New Jersey.

So, let your imagination free flow and I'll bet you will think of something for your festival set up that you have been printing over and over, that would translate nicely into something Laser Cut could produce -- in a variety of colors, styles and graphics.

Talk about the concept of BEST VALUE!

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From Nancys Heart said...

great blog post!! what a nifty shoppe!! I really learned something new! Thanks! :D

Made by Melissa said...

Ed has some great ideas in his shop!