Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crafting 2010

My New Year's Resolution was to be more selfish - that is to craft more, make more music and have more fun. I am happy to report that while off to a slow start, I am doing much better.

I crafted a supported spindle to use for spinning the beautiful Angora wool that AbbieRoad and I have been collecting from out bunnies and during the great blizzard of 09-10, I was able to get my beautiful antique spinning wheel to work and take up the wool that I was spinning. Polished off my knitting needles and started a project or two that are almost finished. So I am off to a great start (even if it took me till February to get my craft mojo going).

Thursday, Abbie and I will go to the breeder's to pick up her bunny and this weekend, I'll be doing a basketry demonstration at Meadowedge Park and am looking forward to making Neil's Easter Basket.

Oh wait, I forgot another important craft event this week - Craft Meet Up at my place on Friday. We were not able to get together the last time we tried to schedule it but I took the time to put on some music and work on projects, looking forward to Friday afternoon, March 5th when we are going to try to get together at the Lighthouse Center for Natural Resource Education in Waretown once more.

Let me know if you can make it.

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CraftyDragon said...

Great post! It's funny how hard it is just to find time to have fun. It's so important though for all of us.

Keep having fun! :)