Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TEAM Tuesday

I had sold products on eBay for years. Antigues, junk, internet services but when I started wanted to sell my weaving, I found it was not the venue for me - Too crowded with bargain seekers who were looking to buy cheap so they could re-sell it and hopefully make more than I did when they bought the item from me.

Around that time, Etsy.com was born. Some of my artist and crafty friends were using it so I jumped in too. Then came the Etsy Teams -- I thought that this would be one more marketing ploy to drive traffic to the main website. Boy, was I wrong.

The folks on the EtsyNJ Street Team are true team mates. They give good solid advice based on what they've learned and what they've experienced. They give honest feedback and that's not always easy. Kind of like when I asked Abbie, "Do I look fat in this skirt?" some years ago. Our EtsyNJ team members will tell you if you are going off the edge or are being unrealistic . . . . both on and off list. The support among people who came together as strangers but who have built on a common bond is not found in any other groups that I am involved with. That's is not to say we are all BFFs or will be but that there's a lot of information, support and experience here that we are all willing to share.

My shout out this week is for the people who give of themselves and support one another's events. We attend as vendors, shoppers, champion marketers and just keep on going and the last time I checked, there were no millionaires in our midst. . . . yet. Gosh, what a great group of folks!

My special EtsyNJ folks are the shops that are coming out to the Lighthouse Center's All About Waterfowling and Family Fun Day.

Thank you for supporting the Natural Resource Education Foundation in its conservation and environmental programs.

You can download that spiffy EtsyNJ Street Team flyer HERE!

You can post your upcoming events and articles at the EtsyNJ.com website too!

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mommysdream said...

I understand the frustration with E-bay...definitly not the venue for quality handmade products!

Thanks for hightlighting several artists...I'm "meeting" new people all the time!

Happy Hound Creative said...

Wonderful Team Tuesday post! I love Etsy NJ!!

From Nancys Heart said...

Great post! And wonderful Etsy artisans who are participating in the show!! Good Luck to all and wishing you all MANY sales!! :D