Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newest Hive Split Report

When I created the 3rd hive with a queen who was barely making it. When I received my new queen her attendants were all dead in the queen shipping box but she seemed to be in good shape. I installed the queen and she took.

Of course, when I readied the hive for fall and winter, I realized it was feeling light and I had some decisions to make. I left it where it was - knowing that I would have to feed it all winter because the hive did not have a lot of stores.

Then, we have had this crazy, crazy weather - too warm, sudden strong winds, rain storms and a night down to 4 degrees!

I took some raw sugar to the hive yesterday to give them something to "chew" on on a warm day and found that the bees were out foraging and there was quite a bit of activity at the entrance of the hive.

Go bees! Cross your fingers for them.

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