Friday, January 6, 2012

Flemish Bowstrings, Quivers, Trapper Baskets and more

Just sent this email to possible wholesale clients in NJ. If you are interested, please let me know.


Have you ever wished to have a local supplier for Flemish bowstrings for your customers? Well, that’s a service that I can provide.

I have been building strings for 4 years now and have recently added Excalibur-type Flemish strings for crossbows to my list of available strings.

I can provide either Brownell or BCY strings in Dacron or FastFlight. I include padded loops with the modern materials which helps to absorb some of the energy after the arrow is cast. Adding that little bit of cushion helps to provide some protection to the bow limb tips.

Wholesale accounts are welcome as are custom orders? If you would like to know more or order some strings, please contact me at (609) 534-0087 or email me at (Ask me about retail or individual sales too.)

As a weaver I also craft hand-woven quivers from reed and oak. The quivers can be custom ordered with color, all natural or with a walnut stain. Trappers Pack Baskets are also available.

I am a traditional archer who hunts, shoots and fishes. I have been weaving for almost twenty years. Let me weave something for your customers.

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