Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Split

I have been thinking about it for a while but wasn't ready for my split in the spring. Now, I have a friend that has offered to let me put a hive in his yard in Medford. On Sunday, Mike Long of Uriah Creek Apiary, brought me a queen -- My first queen outside of my original hive delivery. I had to get ready to get her hived.

Went over to Nature's Rescue and split one of my hives -- took 4 frames of brood and shook off a 5th frame of bees into the new hive and placed the queen carefully between two of the frames. Then, closed up the hive (already had a screen in place) and brought the new hive over to the Lighthouse Center to beef up for several weeks.

Fed them a sugar solution from a bag feeder and am hoping that everything takes. I checked yesterday (Monday, 7/4) and there are bees flying in and out so I am hopeful.

Going out tomorrow morning to feed the original two hives and check on how they are doing. Also, going to check on the weight of my honey supers. I'm looking forward to my first taste of honey from my own hives. Now, all I have to do is figure out how I am going to extract it.

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